FineCann was established in 2017.

It specializes in creating high quality powders directly from Cannabis plant.

The company uses proprietary technology and was granted a US patent in 2022
FineCann is backed by two leading establishment in the Cannabis industry:

BRlev grows proprietary species grown especially for medical, food and cosmetic applications.

The plants grow under strict GAP conditions and are approved for medical use

Exclusive Species from Volcani center – the Israeli national Agricultural Research Organization.

FineCann has exclusive access to over 20 new Cannabis species


Guy Samburski – CEO


With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Guy held various positions of R&D and marketing, leading implementation of new manufacturing technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing firms. Guy holds an MSC in Chemical engineering and MBA. He specializes in crystallization and powder technology. Guy holds 13 approved patents in the fields of chemistry, crystallization and processing methods. He is also a lecturer at the chemical engineering faculty in the Israeli Institute of technology (Technion).

Chen Berdichev , CPA – Chairman of the board

CPA – Chairman of the board

Chen is a partner at the Avidor-Berdichev-Gazit- accounting firm. He manages the 25-employee department specializing in building companies’ financial strength. He also expertise in the agricultural sector. Chen has graduated the Hebrew university in accountancy and economics and has over 35 years of experience.

Amram Eitan – Board member

Board member

Amram holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from the Tel-Aviv university in Israel. He served for 35 Years in the IDF as an Ordinance officer, and retired as a Brig. General. Amram’s management experience includes leadership of companies in Israel and the USA, in the fields of metal production and machine parts manufacturing. Amram leads Superfine since 1996.